This list only represents my most current sites I’ve designed or developed. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding any of the projects listed.

One Nation Gaming   March 2018

The aim of this project was to initially redesign the homepage, update the page navigation system, and to greatly simplify the editing of the homepage content with an admin panel. This was created on the Enjin platform.

IG:dm   February 2018

This project ports Instagram direct messages to the desktop. It allows you to view your direct messages on the desktop through a neat little app. I led the redesign of both the website and the app itself, resulting in the above final screenshots.

Bryan Agredo   February 2018–Current

First Iteration

New Website

This is my personal website, the first and second iteration of it. I designed the first with nostalgia in mind. Not only nostalgia, but also maintainability. The first iteration now has a static build system that can generate templates and layouts without having to hard-code as many things as before. The second iteration is the same website, but with theme modifications to make it have a more modern look.

PrismarineJS   January 2018

I volunteered in 2015 to redesign the PrismarineJS website after seeing how its website then was ineffective and not ideal. In January 2018, I revisited PrismarineJS and decided to give it a modern lick of design. Not only that, but I created a static websites build system that makes the website much more maintainable and allows for much more flexibility.

AmpTweet   August–December 2017

AmpTweet is a project dedicated to bringing a high standard of Twitter analytics and statistic management tools to the general public for free. It was started as part of an initiative to liberate social media management platforms by introducing an open source alternative. The goal is to have a fully-working service that competes with other giants such as CrowdFire and Hootsuite.