About Me

Who am I?

I’m a web developer from Miami, Florida and I have worked on various projects over the past 7 years I have been in the business. I’ve designed numerous websites in the past on platforms such as Enjin and Node.js. Currently all the websites I maintain are written exclusively in JavaScript, as it’s my favorite language.

How did you get started?

I got started in the world of web development when I was about nine years old. It’s quite a very young age to get into something like this. I spent a lot of my childhood playing around with computers and the F12 Developer Tools in Chrome would soon turn out to change my life. It started when I was only deleting and moving things around on a page, then I wanted to learn what I was doing and even make my own website. One of my earliest projects was a simple notepad I wrote on JSFiddle in 4th grade.

How can I work with you?

It’s easy. You can choose however you want to contact me. I can be reached through social media (links are in the footer) and e-mail. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything!